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Agile Transformation
Agile Transformation

We can provide a quick jumpstart if you are planning to go agile. Our team of agile transformation consultants will collaborate with your organization to create a customized agile transformation program including assessments, roadmaps, setting up agile teams and identification of valuable metrics.

Whether you are just beginning to start agile framework or scaling up agile to the enterprise, Predict-Data can be your partner to bring your teams upto speed. We provide a number of different programs starting from the basic scrum master, product owner programs, all the way upto Scaled agile framework training courses such as SAFe Leading agilest, SAFe DevOps, Safe Product owners among others

Automation Services

Predict Data’s no code development services provide unprecedented advantage to businesses in bringing deep customer insights, technology enablers, operational capabilities to transform to embrace Digital disruption. Automation is imperative! We help you to deploy our No code, Low code development by getting rid of millions of lines of code.

No code Visual Designer: We help you to deploy the no code visual designer to empower business users manage their own processes. Rules driven automation: Our rules driven automation adapts quickly to price changes, customer demands, regulations and more. Combined workflow & Rules: We help to combine Workflows and Rules with one platform (No separate tools to learn and integrate). Thousands of workflow features built in, with drag and drop!

Enterprise scalability: Scale your applications, no matter how complex, with no code! No kidding!

Automation Services
Cloud migration services

Making the move to the cloud may seem challenging. Our cloud consulting strategy for cloud migration, whether it is app-level or system level, will improve your collaboration and transform your operations

Predict Data follows a robust methodological approach to deploy and implement Clound migration services.


We continually assess new and better ways to help strategize, grow, optimize and protect your cloud applications and services.


We enhance the power of your platforms and services with a focused portfolio of training programs for all customer segments and roles. This includes online and instructor-led training programs.


We implement the complete life cycle starting with planning, configuration, migrations and complex third-party system integrations.


We help you manage, monitor and maintain to adhere to the SLAs supported by timely responses and minimize downtime. We also accommodate explicit needs of platform partners and configure the appropriate services.

IoT Services

We provide a one stop shop from innovating the big ideas to creating a prototype and leading to establish the full IoT solution. We work closely with your enterprise. We don’t say we help you “do” digital. We rather help you to “be” digital. Digital businesses implies enhanced results and higher value.

Technology is in our DNA. Integrated into everything that we do. Our multidisciplinary teams combine deep technical expertise, industry experience, through business and innovation workshops, and the operational capabilities to drive towards real and competitive business solutions. Think big, but don’t exhaust!

We believe in driving change by thinking the big idea, starting with the prototype, building confidence and building momentum by carefully implementing the right solution. It works well in both scenarios – whether you are looking for a faster, smarter solution to deliver, or a longer-term strategy that can influence to disrupt the market, we are there to travel with you! Creating impact with simple solutions!

IoT Services
Business Process Management
Business Process Management

Our business process management services, embedded with automation, can help you document and format your workflows into repeatable systems and processes. Our team can advice on ways to enhance your business processes and speed up your value realization. We help you to move towards An optimized and streamlined organization that is more competitive and agile in today’s highly disruptive world of business. We are sure our BPM services will increase your customer and employee satisfaction by simplifying your complex business processes through our seasoned group of professionals, supported by automation. Our goal is to empower your users to be self-sufficient at developing BPM solutions and transform into “Citizen developers”

What does it mean to be a digital consulting firm? It means we don’t help our clients do digital.
Managed Services

Predict Data understands the true importance of your systems and network. We offer Managed Services plans that ensure dependable IT support for your entire network.. When technology systems break down, operations are significantly impacted costing your business time and money. We understand every aspect of your business relies on properly functioning IT Our range of managed services include 24×7 network monitoring, Voice Over IP (VoIP), with a proactive approach to managing IT infrastructure, managed security, forecasts, and infrastructure accounting.

We provide flexible pricing plans including fixed cost pricing. We guarantee reliable service levels and a delighted end user experience.
Business Process Management