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Predict Data

Use Cases

We can help you to jumpstart the transformation with several proven industry foundational frameworks, without spending on extended development engagements and costs. Below are some of the sample industry use cases to aid in your decision making.


Financial Services – Remove the complexities

The complexity of the financial services industry requires technology that works with users and for users, not against them. You want a simple, easy to use platform, while fully customizable yet automated platform! Please let us help you with a solution to rely upon, rather the need to solve your solution itself!

Financial industry relies upon real-time data, accurate and current! Manual processes are time consuming and there is a pressing need to reduce errors. Predict Data can help you to build workflow automation with no code, create unique business rules, and improve workflow capabilities leading to better decisions and forecast based on credit risk models.
Automate your Credit requests and Approval process via rule-based workflows, customize loan approval logic and rules to your needs. One of the banks built a policy calculator using data and logic to combine with terms, payment schedules – that allows potential borrowers know what their rates are upon approval.

A leading bank leveraged a powerful, versatile rules engine with workflow capabilities to provide a seamless rule-editing experience and dashboards to audit and analyze the results. No hard coded rules any more, resulting in enough flexibility to scale and orchestrate data, and reducing development cycles.

Know Your Customer (KYC) protects your business from unintentionally violating various countries money laundering rules. Rules based on a customer’s country help collect, verify and validate customer information as legally required. Automate your customer onboarding to report necessary transactions while keeping you in compliance. Provide customers with frequent reports on investments, policies, loans etc. And for audit, you just need to run a report to obtain the necessary information.


Automate manufacturing processes that ERP could not!

Find an easy way to adjust recourse allocations on the fly! This enables you to utlize internal resources including labor, materials and equipment to maximize production volumes and deliver greater value. Leverage the automation to connect to your ERP to manage efficient, real time resource management.

If you are managing complex production processes across multiple factories, you can rely on our solution to plan ahead and account for changes in production priorities and monitor your production workflows. Our automation can ease your Forecasting, Planning and Scheduling to bring more agility to your enterprise.

Our Automation can certainly help you to manage complex production workflows, reduce costs and streamline operations. Implement automated business rules to increase production volume and product integrity. We provide a fully customizable platform to implement business rules that directly support the business goals.

Are you challenged with employee onboarding, and the associated paperwork that occurs with new hires? Whether it is training on special safety, special production equipment, it is very easy to create these forms and automate to streamline onboarding and make sure nothing is missed in the way.

The rules engine can be used to create logic that notifies engineers and technicians of anomaly conditions in the process. Using our case management, a process is kicked off that tracks the remediation of the anomaly through to completion. KPIs, assignments, and tracking are all available.

Lastly, Equipment maintenance has a direct impact on bottom line, affecting how often equipment is out of order halting production workflows. You can depend on Predict Data’s easy framework for monitoring remote devices and applying equipment specific logic, including triggered notification and assignment tracking to enhance life of your equipment.


Simplifying Education Industry’s Organizational Processes with No-code

Right from the moment a student is interested in your institution, their data entry, validating the accuracy, and information provided back to them – simplify this entire process whether its creating forms, or creating rules, information validation and directing to right people – all this without learning to program or code.

The education industry is overwhelmed with forms, approvals, processes that govern both how employees operate and how students interact. Currently it is too complex with efficiency taking a hit. Legacy systems don’t integrate with one another, manual forms, and tracking down a dean for signature – all lead to slowness.

Imagine a platform that has both workflows and rules, customizable and automated, by which you can create front-end forms and dashboards powered by back-end logic that automates your processes, all without using a single line of code.

Embrace Self-Serviceability:

With the no-code interface, imagine anyone can create general purpose forms and workflow automation for self-service requests and back-office tasks. Whether it is on your website, or internal staff/student portals, you can quickly build your own forms. Auto populate data on forms saving time and ensuring accuracy. Enforce validation to reduce human error and avoid entering data in wrong format.


Lastly make it easy to integrate with your existing software solutions. Where appropriate, plug in our API into your existing systems, so you get to keep your existing solution, while you enjoy the advantages of building automated workflows, without disturbing the familiar end user interface your staff and students use.


Automation aids organization to realize full value of IoT
Integrations with software.

Internet of things (IoT) depends heavily on data to generate the insights that matter most for effective decision making. Whether it is Finance or Manufacturing or Healthcare, the IoT has brought in a tremendous change to the business to enhance the quality of their output in its operations, customer support and other areas.

It is imperative that enterprises do a superior job of collecting data, managing and analyzing to generate relevant insights for efficient business management. Needless to say, an effective business rules engine provides the required foundation to draw the appropriate value from the IoT solutions. That’s precisely what Predict Data can commit to customers.

Our automated Workflow solution plays a key role in monitoring the irregularities in data feedback from a device, to trigger possible actions and make sure that service level agreement obligations are met. This helps to monitor the factory robotic actions without manual intervention. With continuous data collection, anomalies are bound to happen. Even though many of these anomalies are minor in nature, but it could be a cost prohibitive operation for the enterprise to use resources to respond. This is where the automated workflow becomes handy, to make an intelligent decision if the notification is valid or can be ignored.

The automated decision making capability can also be embedded for event monitoring, to determine who to notify and what actions to be taken, which accelerates security responses and improves safety for event attendees. This can be extended to equipment monitoring and maintenance too, to keep track of device usage and ensure its integrity. This applies to a variety of industry applications that include conveyor belts, machinery used in construction, shipping fleets, healthcare devices and so on.


Lending companies reduce complexities while enhancing
customer-centric tasks

Enhance and make the process of personalizing lending products for your customers, an easy and simple effort. Our framework can bring in the flexibility through different rules, including a wide range of calculations, and faster ability to analyze data. Enterprises are challenged with difficulty of carrying out tasks outside of the loan origination they were specifically built for. This is exactly where we can help to handle online applications, post-loan workflows and other key portions of the process.

Furthermore, we can extend the value by processing different workflows for different loans, shying away from the concept of your loan origination constrained by a single type of loan. We can also help Consumer lenders and mortgage lenders by automating the process of filtering, pricing and lead administration. This helps you to filter the quality leads and saves lot of effort, time and money. We can also help you to automate pricing rules and workflows to align with customers’ locations addressing the state to state regulation changes. Unfortunately, your traditional loan origination systems or learning management systems may not provide this flexibility or personalization.