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Predict Data

About us

The agility and flexibility in your enterprise is becoming a necessity today. It requires a dedicated and disciplined approach to transform and operationalize it. Being agile helps you to complete projects faster, reduce defects and bring in predictability to the delivery of projects. And Automation is imperative! That’s exactly what Predict Data specializes and helps your enterprise to move to the next level of Automation, with No code and become Agile.

Our strength in integrated software solutions is demonstrated by our breadth of expertise. Our expertise and solutions reduce the gap between process and technology, while focusing on culture and people which are two primary factors driving enterprise agility. We are passionate about empowering the user community to take control of its business applications. We like the concept of “Citizen developers”. We help you to connect the traditional approaches with the modern automated agile frameworks, while embedding your cultural values for a seamless digital journey.


Transforming business
with Automation

Predict Data’s no code development services provide unprecedented advantage to businesses in bringing deep customer insights, technology enablers, operational capabilities to transform to embrace Digital disruption. Customers leverage our No code, Low code development by simplifying and automating their business processes.

Make your platforms and applications faster by embedding business intelligence and enabling them with AI. We offer enhanced connected experience across the customer lifecycle with the right mix of digital strategies across multiple channels.

Accelerate business transformation by solving the most complex business challenges and digital journeys with our No code/Low code Automation services. Stay ahead of your competition by embedding AI into your existing and new platforms to reveal untapped business potential.

Predict Data partnered with Decisions, a no-code business process automation platform, featuring a comprehensive Workflow, Integration, Reporting, and Rules engine, that enables businesses to own and quickly adapt their software. Together, we will provide tools to build robust applications while the end-user Portal delivers the environment to run them.

Among the many key features within the Studio is the suite of visual Designers for creating Flows, Rules, Forms, Dashboards, and Reports. In addition, the Data Structures Designer is used to create customized objects capable of interacting with a database for maintaining user and/or application data. This empowers business users (non-technical and technical) with the convenience of creating and maintaining business logic.

We can help you to jumpstart with some pre-built foundational frameworks in some of the industry specialties such as Insurance, Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc. Please reach out to us today to explore how we can help you to cut the development costs and bring in automation.